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Dr. Agustin Parola

UCSF - FDCP, 1971.

Graduated from the Catholic University of Santa Fe in 1971, with an overall average of 4,257 (out of a maximum of 5), since then carried the liberal profession of lawyer, Avenue Studio installed on May 25 No. 68 St. Guillermo, Department San Cristobal, Santa Fe Zip 2347.

Advisor Municipalities, Cooperatives, Cooperative Banks, Consortia Camineros, Watershed Committees, insurance companies, other businesses, merchants, farmers and individuals.

I work for a year with Dr. Fernando Brebbia in the chair of Agricultural Law of the Faculty of Law at the National University of Rosario and from 1998 to 2002 served as a professor at the chair of constitutional law at the Catholic University of Santiago del Estero and the Faculty of Law at the city of Rafaela.

Since 2008 was proposed, with other professionals-for the Bar Association of the city of Rafaela, to join the Collegium of Technical Evaluation Magistatura Council of the Province of Santa Fe

Currently and 42 years old, continues to exercise his profession of lawyer in the Law Offices located at the place at predefined, which integrates with their children Agustin Parola (h) and Luciano Parola, both lawyers graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Litoral.