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>  Octavio Debus (Bs. As.)
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Octavio Luis Felipe Debus (Bs. As.)

Universidad de Buenos Aires, 1993.

Graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 1993 , specializing in banking law .
Member of the Inter American Bar Association.

Languages: Spanish , English , French and Italian.


CIVIL LAW : Experience in civil law ( special civil executions , mortgages , bonds , etc.) , family ( marital problems of a personal nature and heritage and the derivatives of the parent-child relationship , etc.) and inheritance ( comprehensive advice either the preparation of wills, probate either , particionarios agreements, etc. . ) .

COMMERCIAL LAW : Comprehensive advice on drafting and preparation of modern commercial contracts ( factoring, leasing, etc.). Purchases , real estate leases and letters of credit in general. Bankruptcy . Special Contests . Credit checks and credit default implementation . Judicial Auctions - .

LABOUR LAW : Care contentious employment matters and dispute resolution . Crisis prevention programs of the company. Negotiating and drafting employment contracts. Termination of employment . Shares of labor law . ART. Occupational accidents. Representation of clients before the Ministry of Labour and National Security . Reconciliations .

BANKING : Loans with and without bank guarantee. Bail Bonds . Trade Funds Transfers and Trusts . Recovery and enforcement of delinquent portfolio .

Comprehensive advice on litigation and contentious issues : He represents clients , both local and foreign , in federal court , the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires and provincial States is in judicial proceedings of civil , commercial and labor matters in each and every one of the instances procedural , either directly or through their respective law firms. Mediations . Credit recovery action . Advice about the rights of creditors and the debt restructuring of debtors in the field or out of court . Mediation and Conciliation .