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Gustavo Rafael Elli

FCJS UNL Santa Fe, 1983.

Specialist in charge of the Department of Labor Business Law advised by ELLI & ELLI Attorneys listed in the Link Trade and other private customers , with extensive experience in the corporate workplace preventive counseling and litigation in the development of the art processes and related with actions for damages .

Specialist in writing business communications , in human development work in the field of business , in writing briefs and rebuttals penalty appeals by labor applied to companies by the National and Provincial Ministries of Labour. Industrial Accidents , A.R.T. , etc. .

Coordinator and lecturer of the series " Café Human Resources " , organized by the Industrial Union Santa Fe ( UISF ) , 2012/2013 for advice on labor matters associated companies and associated industries and advisor to the Chamber of Metallurgical Industries and auto parts Santa Fe ( CAMSFE ) .

Since 1986 he worked as ATTORNEY GENERAL of the NATIONAL SECURITY SAVINGS AND , by the court cases of all kinds in portfolio insurance matters with litigation experience in oral trials .

Appointed by the MINISTRY OF ECONOMY AND PUBLIC SERVICES NATION as of the ex CLEARING ADVOCATE NATIONAL SAVINGS AND SECURE , tasks that met for more than seven ( 7) years until his termination for performance of assigned tasks.